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    Fixed LED Panel:
    LED is the abbreviation Light Light Emitting Diode which means light emitting diode. The LED contains a connecting wire that connects the chip to the LED base. This wire is responsible for transferring heat and electricity. LED stands are fixed to a plastic cap. Between the chip and the inner surface of the plastic cap are gases that can emit light at different wavelengths.

    What is a diode: A diode is a semiconductor electronic component and the LED is a part of the diode subset. The electronic component in the LED chip is called the LED chip, which determines the amount of light, power consumption, output and heat, and the lifetime of the LED lamps.

    What is a Fixed LED Panel?
    Fixed LED Panel is one of the most widely used display boards in the field of display, which is capable of displaying texts and images in a consistent manner and can be considered a good replacement for the neon panel. Floating lights, fixed LEDs cannot display texts and images using attractive animations, but can be aesthetically produced and exposed using features such as color lights and beautiful effects. Show. They can display texts in multiple colors.

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