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    One of the most commonly used tools for making a variety of banners, such as chelium boards, steel boards, thermo boards, light box boards, neon plastic boards, vacuum boards, flexi boards, etc. Is plexiglass. The letters are cut on a plexiglass by a laser cutting machine and pasted around the plexiglass and are highlighted, and Plexiglass is one of the most widely used and essential materials in the signboard industry.

    What is plexi?
    Plexiglas is a type of plastic similar to glass and is made of polycarbonate and is a type of polymer but not as brittle as glass and has a high transparency.

    In fact, Plexiglass is a kind of PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate Pmma or so-called common acrylic or acrylic glass) and is well known in the Plexiglass trademark in many fields and has many applications, especially in the paneling industry. It is very resistant to weather conditions, absorbs less moisture and is more durable than glass and has a thickness ranging from 1 to 40 mm to protect plexiglas sheets against any impacts, scratches and scratches. And dust covers these sheets with a cardboard sticker, and when cutting, you can easily apply the design to this Adhesive design, and then you proceed to the cutting operation.

    One of the features that Plexiglass has over glass is that it has 90% transparency but Plexiglass has 92% transparency and is more resistant to glass and thus differentiates Plexiglass sheet from glass in many applications. To be.

    Plexiglass Sheet Cutting:
    In general, plexiglass sheets can be cut in three different ways:

    1) Plexiglass cutting by laser cutting machine:

    Laser cutting machine is one of the advanced machines that cuts all types of wood and metals accurately and quickly without the slightest error and if you want wood and metals to be cut there is no better cutting edge. Use this tool to clean and finish in a very short time.

    2) Cutting Plexiglass by Saw Disk:

    Disk saw is also one of the cutting tools that has a faster process than hand cutting and a slower process than a laser cutting machine. For ease of work, you can fix the saw to a table when cutting, then move the sheets over the table to cut the workflow faster.

    Cutting by disk saws has two major drawbacks:

    A) abnormal sound

    B) Creating winning, sharp and wavy edges

    3) Plexiglass Cutting by Hand:

    In this method, the work is performed by a cutter cutting the plexiglass sheets. This can be done in the absence of a laser cutter or disk saw or some bug fixes, but it takes a lot of time to manually cut the whole thing.

    Plexiglass Classification:
    Colored plexiglass

    Mirror Plexiglass

    Plexiglas matte

    Ordinary Plexiglass Transparent

    Plexiglas transparent, white, black

    All Plexiglas or Plexiglas Characters:
    In this method, both the surface and the edge are plexiglass. To make the edges of the letters, cut the Plexiglas into 8cm strips and glue the letters on the surface with heat and chloroform. These letters are made in two forms: Indian and Adjective. In this way, light is emitted both from the surfaces of the letters and from the edges of the eyes and uses SMD lamps to illuminate the letters.

    Plexiglass applications:
    Applications in the field of signage for the construction of a variety of boards, including help boards

    Making an advertising stand

    Construction of skylights and false ceilings

    Used in multiple parts of the building instead of glass

    Used in the automotive industry for making car lights and glass

    Used in gyms and clubs

    Use in prisons

    Use in public environments such as bus stops

    Construction of greenhouses

    Construction of pavilions

    Aquarium construction

    Places partitioning

    Use in bank booths

    Build shelves and libraries

    Build catalog and brochure site

    Making decorative face statues

    Making a cum tablet

    Speech panel and presenter stands

    Manufacture of Plexiglass Boxes

    Making medical glasses

    Making medicine packing cans

    Plexiglass Features:
    The most durable transparent polymer


    Acoustic and thermal insulation


    light reflection

    High transparency over glass

    No change of color and darkness

    The color of plexi is very diverse.

    Like fast glass, it does not bend against fire and only deforms and is highly secure.

    In terms of thermal insulation it performs better than glass and has lower thermal conductivity.

    It is more resistant to environmental pollution and can be washed.

    It is resistant to UV radiation and bad weather like heat and cold.

    It has 5 times the resistance of glass.

    Key to buying plexi:

    If you are making Plexiglas sheets for paneling purposes and you want the letters to be shaped on these sheets and cut using a laser cutting machine, you should make the sheets one inch larger than the design when buying Plexiglass sheets. Consider the final design until the finished designs of the Plexiglas board do not exceed the exterior and do not damage the design but if you want to use decoration sheets to decorate or cover the surfaces you do not need to take any further dimensions.

    Price of Plexiglass:
    In general, the price of Plexiglas sheet depends on the thickness and dimensions of the sheets, and the thicker the sheets are, the higher the price and the colors will cause the price difference, for example the price of plexiglass varies with the price of gold plexiglass. Be it.

    Multiple Plexiglas Sheet Names:
    Generally, plexiglas sheets with numerous common names such as plexiglass, transparent glass, glass, plexiglass, transparent glass are called among the clients most commonly used as transparent sheets and as such Available in Iranian, Chinese and Korean paneling materials, these sheets are also available in different countries and with different brands, each of which has different qualities and if you want to make a quality material that will last for many years. We suggest you provide Korean type and quality.
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